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As a key part in Eco~tech Systems’ ethical practices we believe in an honest and direct approach to consultation. Clients can utilise our comprehensive consultation package to obtain the desired level of detail for best and most practicable solutions.
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Design & Engineering
We will ensure that each customer’s requirements are comprehensively assessed with swift recommendations provided. All advice is not only based on the specific requirements but on the robust and sustainable use of the available technology. For industrial and commercial effluent processing for which the research has yet to be verified, we can advise and instigate laboratory or pilot schemes to ensure results are guaranteed.
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Eco~tech Systems has significant practical experience of project management, ranging from the domestic to the industrial sectors of the UK market and abroad. We pride ourselves in ensuring that clients remain confident that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Communication is key and an integral function of all our projects.
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With extensive experience of commissioning new plants as well as bringing old facilities back into operation after works have been completed, Eco~tech Systems can complete commissioning activities in the most demanding of environments and timescales.
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Operations & Maintenance
We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and can offer clients a comprehensive suite of O&M services, with a focus on compliance, maximising process efficiency and carefully managing costs. We can offer full 24-hr coverage should it be required and can introduce new technologies to existing facilities to drive down operational expenditure, extend the asset life and reduce business risk.
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Quality assurance
We have both ISO 9001:14001 accreditations. Quality is vitally important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and often exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Our Mission is to deliver first class Design & Build and Operation & Maintenance of a range of environmental services that surpass client expectations and generate significant value for their circular economy.

Kingstone & Madley Wastewater Treatment Works - Project carried out by Eco~tech Systems in Herefordshire. Progress of the work.

Kingstone & Madley Wastewater Treatment Works

Kingstone & Madley Wastewater Treatment Works Following a competitive Tender process, Eco∼tech Systems were awarded the Contract to completely refurbish two of the four Reed Beds which formed part of the existing treatment process at Kingstone & Madley WwTW. All four Reed Beds were constructed in 1987 and had substantial plant growth and sludge deposits.

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Crynant Wastewater Treatment Works - Project carried out by Eco~tech Systems in Neath Port Talbot. End result.

Crynant Wastewater Treatment Works

Crynant Wastewater Treatment Works Crynant contract was awarded to Eco∼tech Systems to modify two Reed Beds requiring significant alterations to the collection pipework and to further “manually de-sludge” the beds. Works took place both within the ‘live’ Reed Beds satisfying all required Health and Safety constraints and also outside the confines of the beds with

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Restoring the balance to the environment

Wastewater Treatment
We offer a totally unique 'End to End' guaranteed solution, for the treatment of domestic, commercial and industrial effluents and wastewaters. We utilise our expertise to identify the best solutions, whether it be a conventional, hybrid or constructed wetland treatment system.
Heat Recovery
Typically, wastewater contains thermal energy, a resource that is often overlooked. A heat recovery system works by extracting the heat from the effluent and can be utilised for heating your buildings, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. Our audit service will identify if there is a cost-effective opportunity for you to recover heat from your wastewater and upstream processes.
Renewable Energy
Improving your energy efficiency can be achieved through our audits by identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and generate energy from renewable sources within your premises and systems. Our comprehensive audits will present a range of opportunities supported by a detailed description of the Return on Investment.
Environmental Engineering
We have built-up a wealth of expertise in the Design, Construction, Refurbishment and Maintenance of Conventional Wastewater Technologies, Hybrid Treatment Systems, Constructed Wetlands and Reed Beds, Habitat Creation, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and River Restoration Technologies. We have access to a range of traditional and cutting-edge engineering technologies that we can employ to provide engineered solutions that are specifically tailored to satisfy our clients’ requirements.
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Brewing Industry – Reducing Water & Effluent Treatment Costs

The UK brewing industry uses large amounts of water (in excess of 34million m3/year), with amounts up to 70% being discharged as trade effluent (TE) to the local sewerage system. Unit costs for water supply and trade effluent discharge are expected to continue to rise as water companies invest in the new plant needed to

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Multi-sector companies face wastewater clampdown under tightened rules for the IED ( Industrial Emissions Directive )

Thousands of British (Sewage treatment specialists and others) companies face potential fines and disciplinary action, including the closing of operations and / or facilities, because of extensive effects of new tightened rules for the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The EU brought 7 previous pieces of legislation on industrial emissions together and recast them under the

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“The Eco-tech Systems team made a very smooth, professional and safe evolution. RAMS were adhered to. There was no disruption to site services or production. Communication was excellent. Everything was carried out on time, efficiently and to the highest standard.”

Engineering Manager

“The value added to the work with design ideas and alternative methods of construction were exceptional. The project represents an excellent example of what can be achieved when contractors work in partnership and make contributions beyond merely proving the labour.”

Chartered Building Surveyor

“From the beginning Eco~tech Systems acted in a professional and courteous manner, ensuring that all site safety, welfare and communication systems were in place and maintained throughout the project. The standard of workmanship was excellent throughout and finished to a very high standard with favourable comments from the landowners”

Operations Manager

“We have found Eco~tech Systems to be reliable and experienced contractors who are very eager to assist in our works. Their application and attention to detail and finishing is excellent, with a great deal of care taken on accuracy of work and general site tidiness. We look forward to working with Eco~tech Systems on many forthcoming projects.”

Project Manager

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