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Water flowing out of the drain pipe

New Septic Tank Regulations come into force 1ˢᵗ January 2020 – Are you ready?

On 1st January 2020 new septic tank rules come into force. The latest regulations came out in 2015 and are called ‘General binding rules: small …

Two men working in a brewery talk to each other.

Brewing Industry – Reducing Water & Effluent Treatment Costs

The UK brewing industry uses large amounts of water (in excess of 34million m3/year), with amounts up to 70% being discharged as trade effluent (TE) …

A pipe for draining water into the water tank.

Multi-sector companies face wastewater clampdown under tightened rules for the IED ( Industrial Emissions Directive )

Thousands of British (Sewage treatment specialists and others) companies face potential fines and disciplinary action, including the closing of operations and / or facilities, because …

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